Steve  Abbott

Poet & writer

“I am delighted to hear, in Abbott’s highly lyrical-narrative lines, echoes of poets such as Phil Levine and Richard Hugo, heroes of both the white working class of the last century and of the poetic imagination.”

—Kathy Fagan

Director, Creative Writing Program, The Ohio State University

“Steve Abbott reminds us that, for all its interiority, its solipsistic temptations, the lyric poem is first and last not a monologue but a conversation.” 

—David Baker

Poetry editor, The Kenyon Review

“Reading Steve Abbott’s A Language the Image Speaks, I’m reminded that all writing, all art, is a kind of translation—a pulling of ideas from the ether and giving them form.”

—Maggie Smith

Author of Good Bones

“In [A Green Line Between Green Fields], throughout, I felt a great-heart take me by the arm and, with all gentleness of humility, say, Look.                                                 

                                                                                                    —Roy Bentley

Author of American Loneliness



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